Indie Art Photoblog: the one you've been waiting for!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the one you've been waiting for!

They're here!!! The amazing Michelle has been at it again! This is the style so many of you have asked me about, similar to the one on the homepage of the website. 2 variations are available, and remember: it's completely REVERSIBLE, so it's like getting 2 aprons for the price of one.

***click on the image to see so much better***
First up, meet "Penelope":

The reversible side (loooovvvee this!):

The 2nd style - meet "Paisley":

and the reverse side:

Get one HERE! They would make a super-cute Mother's Day gift! It's so fun to photograph these aprons. I'll try to take a close-up shot to show you the quality and all the detail with the ribbons, etc.


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