Indie Art Photoblog: July 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Guess what we're doing this weekend????

I'll give you 3 hints:




Yup, we're moving AGAIN!!! to Tooele, Utah!!! We're sooo excited. but very sad to leave Nana & Papa and Uncle Zacky & Jonas. and I'm very sad to leave my most awesome, irreplaceble clients - In fact, I'm coming back in October for you Seniors that wanted me to do your senior pics - email me, and I'll put you on my list (and anyone else who wants to do pics) - the list is already half-full, so hurry, hurry!!! If i need to, I'll come in September as well. My email is

If you're in Utah and check my blog, say "hi" - maybe we can all meet someday soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Miss B.

Here's a little peek for B. - she and her mom were the funnest & nicest people you'll ever meet. she told me her best friend had booked me that week, too, and they were the funnest & nicest people, too! you know how everyone always says their clients are the best? well, mine REALLY are, and i am REALLY going to miss this area and the wonderful people of NW Arkansas.The local studios always do their senior pics here, but it was a first for me to shoot here. Isn't this gorgeous? I grew up spending a lot of time in this area, and i just love it.

There's lots more, and they're coming soon - thanks so much for your patience =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i didn't forget =)

Alrighty, all you patient bloggers, here's the answers to your questions! (in the order they were asked):

Q: I would like to see a tip on giving your photos a color punch in Photoshop. I have PS Elements 2.
A: I use my actions to give my pics a punch of color, but they don't work yet in PSE. In PSE, I would play with brightness/contrast, hue/sat and Soft Light.....i need to freshen up on PSE, it's been awhile.

Q: I would like to know how you make the photo mosaics you post?
A: Go to & click on "Mosaic Maker".

Q: how do you make a face look flawless?
A: I make a duplicate layer & use the healing tool. When i'm done re-touching with the healing brush, I turn the opacity down on the top layer anywhere between 70-90% to restore the original texture a little.

Q: Just how you get this perfectly clear image? Is it all you and the camera, or does photoshop tweak any of it??
A: From my experience, i'd say it's MOSTLY finding really good light - that will solve most of anyone's issues, be-it focus, clarity, color, sharpness, exposure. Next, good exposure is key. Then, Photoshop definitely improves pics most of the time. Also, your camera and lense are very important - not saying you have to have the best stuff, because i lot of my fave pics are taken with the cheapest DSLR and the cheapest lense. But i LOVE my 5D and nice lenses, and they DO make a difference (despite what some say =) & where you really see the difference is in print quality.

Q: Color..color..color..give me the scoop on the rich color you get!
A: I use my actions, which a lot of you have, so i don't have any ps secrets, although, there is definitely some skill to that. It must be the light - I pay VERY, VERY close attention to the light - "it's all about the light!"

Q: I would like to know what your typical post-process workflow is. For example, the girls below - do you defog? Pop the curves?
A: I shoot in raw because i've only learned to shoot in manual a few months ago. but i'm hoping to not do raw, because it adds a lengthy conversion step, and i usually don't adjust anything anyway. Once i have jpgs, i don't do defog [maybe i should?!??]. I then run one of my actions. If I need to, i might adjust levels, brightness, curves. I always finish with a little burning. I think that's it.

I hope that helps! And I love seeing people's sooc image and then their edit, but you rarely get to see it from people. So here's one of mine, sooc (and underexposed, i might add [i never claimed to be an expert, lol, just answering your questions based on my experience!]) I did the following steps:
1. ran Indie Subtle Color action, which i use as a basis for my ps'ing (that or Color Foundation).
2. re-touched skin very slightly [using above-mentioned technique]
3. added red and yellow in "Color Balance"
4. did a slight s-curve
5. re-size and sharpen for web (crop 552 px on long side & USM 500, .2, 0]BEFORE:

Friday, July 13, 2007

lotsa pics comin' atcha

i LOVED these kids, and it's no surprise, because i LOVE their mom!!! they're moving to India for 3 years Tuesday, and they will be very missed by many. we would've done more of the kids together, but big sis is at school right now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my website(s)....

Indie Art Photography is excited to announce the addition of "Indie Kids"! I'll have 2 different sites [somehow I WILL finish them, lol!!!]

I changed my blog header back to the way it used to be - (after ANOTHER of my sisters told me they liked it this way better, i decided to listen to their valued opinions and change it back =) I wanted something colorful and fun, so I had designed the new logo you see above {folks, that's about as good as i get at designing logos, lol - but hey, i LOVE it!} - now i will just need your help narrowing it down to the final decision, so i'll post that later. And soon {i hope!} I'll have one site for seniors/bridals/models/commercial stuff [you know, "grown-up" stuff] and one for KIDS!

part II

I couldn't resist posting more of this wonderful, BEE-UUU-TEE-FULL family! They were so well-behaved, so adorable and so fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

for shelly =)

holy-cute-a-moly...need i say more? i'm dyin' Shelly! ...more to come...

love these

...for your viewing pleasure...
1. Kiss me, 2. Veins, 3. little model ;), 4. ~, 5. Chlorophelia., 6. ~, 7. Yep, bellybutton is still there., 8. Weed (On explore), 9. Discovery, 10. Whaaat??, 11. thru the bus window..., 12. ~, 13. ~, 14. Inedit Shot!, 15. ~, 16. tristin and stefany, 17. beauty salon, 18. backlighting, 19. Kornelka 3, 20. ci sono luoghi muti, 21. dublin skyline.JPG, 22. ., 23. ~, 24. Jen, 25. ~, 26. ~, 27. She's not shy at all!, 28. would "orange" be too obvious of a title?, 29. ::Pickle Cracking herself up::, 30. ~, 31. ~, 32. shoes, 33. pears and mustard, 34. ~, 35. Elsa, 36. maria bcn

...btw, i have not forgotten about your ps tips...i'm just a little swamped at the moment :P

Saturday, July 07, 2007

free spirit

she reminds me of a hippie :) and isn't her hair the coolest ever? she did that by twisting it around a pencil and flat-ironing it.Miss M. is a loooonnnggg-time friend of mine [i literally used to change her diapers (i'm sure she's just thrilled i announced that on my blog!)] - hence the reason she gets so many peeks :)

She was following me to one location, and I noticed the amazing sky and flagged her out my window to go the other direction, and this is the light we found!:

and I was so excited to order my sweet friend WYNONA'sCross-processing actions, and i used her "Fajita" action linked HERE on these next three - they were perfect for this shoot! Nona is an AMAZING artist, you'll love HER WORK.
What do you guys think about my posing her by the dumpster and the abandoned shopping cart??? I thought it was fun, but my brother looked at them and thought i was nutty :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

the 4th

we had a great 4th except that my hubby was out-of-town, but it's soooo wonderful to live by family again and enjoy our time with them. [i would've blogged yesterday, but i was too sore from wakeboarding to manipulate my mouse ;) lol!]

we watched fireworks over the lake from my brother's boat, and it was so beautiful! ...well, the parts i actually watched were - i sat there for more than half the time in the dark trying to figure out how i'd gotten my camera into rapid fire mode and how to get the iso bumped up, lol. i tell you, your life is forever changed when everywhere you go, you have to take an slr and try to capture everything in manual mode! in fact, i really think i need a good point&shoot - can anyone recommend one? i just want to take that puppy around and not have to think twice about snapping a snapshot.

here's my sister and my baby in the boat as my brother races to the dock at the end of the show - i've never been in a boat traffic jam before, lol - luckily his boat is fast, because just imagine what's like to wait in line as one-by-one a hundred boats have to dock, unload, get the trailor and load their boats - agghhhhhh!