Indie Art Photoblog: August 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

senior session

Tess is a really, really cool person - one you're very lucky to know. For her seniors, we hadn't planned to go downtown but decided to at the last minute, and we were glad we did - we found this cool, brown alley-way and also discovered that the little stool i happened to have in my trunk matched her outfit. and of course, i always love some beautiful field shots.

Monday, August 20, 2007

we have a weeiiiinnneeerrrrr[s]!

Rebecca Tyler and Amanda V. come on down!!! (can't you just hear the Price is Right music???) and also, I'm going to give a prize to the first person who ever left me a comment, Melissa. Send me an email ladies!

Thanks so much you guys - and sorry to those that didn't win - i really wish i could give everyone a prize! It was a fun week - thanks for playing along! I really appreciate all your nice comments and encouragement. And I'll leave you with a little teaser pic of the most amazing session ever (i LURVE these sooo much [you rock V.!]).

blogiversary prizes!

i'm going to draw names for some prizes today, woohoo! if i draw your name, you can choose what you want from the following list - email me to claim your prize and tell me your choice, name, and address so i can send it to you!

THE GOODS [i linked the sites, just click on the prize name]:
#1. Baby Legs - go to the site and pick the kind you want under $15.
#2. BabyGAP Knit Hat - choose one you like under $15
#3. Etsy Photobird's Art at Etsy - Etsy is so fun! Choose what you want under $15
#4. Indie Photoshop Actions - you can have both sets
#5. Mat Kearney CD - what i happen to be listening to today.

Friday, August 17, 2007

another beautiful family

oh man, i have been sooo sick today - i got up from my deathbed to post these, and i'm going back to bed right now! luckily, i had proofed these yesterday. you can call me crazy or dedicated, take your pick. i might need to take the weekend off to recover and see you on Monday.

i loved this family to pieces - can't you just tell how amazing and good they are? so i'll just share a few, but there are lots more that i just love

Thursday, August 16, 2007

little monkey

This cutie-patootie is my precious 2 yr. old nephew - one of my top 4 favorite boys. I love this kid - he is so special and so sweet and such a crack-up. I'm definitely posting more in a few weeks with him and his daddy.

I'm working on my bnw's - i want to be Reb when i grow up, hehe. [btw, she just posted the BEST.POST.EVER. - i didn't use the channel mixer here, but i'm definitely going to try to learn how soon.]
The building behind him is undergoing remodeling, and that cool orange color is just some damp plywood - cool background, eh?
and who wouldn't be jealous of that bricked street?!? I love how it looks as a background - and can you believe i did NO burning on these pics! It had that vignette-ing on its own.

i LOVE this one so much - I'm hooking my brother up with a big 'ole canvas of this - i think the textured background will look so gorgeous wrapped around a thick-edged canvas!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i love seniors

K and her mom were soooo much fun! i just love senior sessions - they always impress me so much. And looking at these makes me miss my Arkansas shooting spots, but I'm sure we'll find some great ones here in Utah, too. So here's a peek for K - hope you love them! [Also, for those of you wondering about prizes - hold tight, I'm working on it - my son got really sick today, so it'll be a little bit before I can post about it, but the prizes are for both photographers AND civilians (hehe).]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I've been blogging ONE YEAR today! wow - how time flies! I thought I'd post some fun pictures today to commemorate! One year ago, my very first post were some pics of my adorable cousin taken at our family reunion in Utah - and here she is again, exactly one year later! Since she's my cousin, i wanted to do something a little different than the average senior photoshoot, so she let me dress her up and do a little utah-cowgirl-style shoot, ha! I LOVE all the colors of the desert - it's so different than Arkansas, but so beautiful.

Check back this week - I'll be posting everyday [or attempting to!], and I'll be doing drawings for prizes for those who leave comments! i'll announce those tomorrow - THanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 10, 2007

***attn clients!***

Hey all my wonderful, beautiful clients! I am switching your galleries over to my new amazing proofing system, so if your pictures dissappear from cyberspace, don't worry, they'll be back shortly. The new system is an add-to-your-cart kind of system with check-out capabilites and accepts credit cards, etc. Email me if you have any questions/concerns. Thank you!

f - cubed

meet the Fabulous "F" Fam! I'm short on words today, so I'll just give ya a bunch of pics - i think you can see how amazing they are! They've just moved to China, and they'll be very missed but not forgotten!

I love doing couple shots - they're sooo special!

And what more could you expect from such beautiful parentage than beautiful offspring!

Thanks so much you guys, and GOOD LUCK!!!