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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


let's just pretend it's yesterday, and i posted my mosaic on time for "mosaic monday", k? :) Once again, there's so many inspiring artists out there!!! check out some of their shots:
1. the dance continues, 2. cool guy, 3. o, 4. ...J'ai un coeur de mille chevaux-vapeur, 5. Estelle bag in ginger bliss, 6. On Vacation, 7. Amelia-9 days, 8. dog:-), 9. Medusa Plant, 10. o, 11. smile., 12. vintage, 13. 3, 14. stairs 2, 15. o, 16. jack, 17. glow flower, 18. o, 19. she's back, 20. divas, 21. look at me, 22. soft, 23. o, 24. o, 25. gasl03_woodycrest, 26. gasl09_woodycrest, 27. just stay on the path, no matter the mud, 28. Living room, 29. o, 30. what lies ahead, 31. help me awaken, 32. sleepy., 33. i do believe, 34. potty time., 35. O! O! O!, 36. "C A T C H E R" in the light


Blogger Jessica's Visions said...

i LOVE your mosaic's!!! If you ever need a shot of mine for one, let me know, I would be HONORED!!! :)


Jess M.

8:21 PM  
Blogger AmyC said...

I love seeing these! I came looking yesterday... LOL! There is some seriously inspiring work here!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I love coming by here and seeing all that you've been up to. This is such a fun idea. It has been much too long since I've been around here. great stuff all the way around!!!!

12:51 PM  

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